M107 PC DIN Rail Support

The Italtronic M107 Support product is a Modular Style DIN Rail mouting system to attach 107 mm wide PC Boards to a DIN Rail.  The base is composed of various length PC Board Holders and can be can be combined end caps and feet to complete the DIN Rail Enclosure Assembly.  

Model Types

M107ecl End Cap
M107E35 Base 35mm Wide
M107 E16.5 Base 16.5mm Wide
M107EG35 Base 35mm Wide w/ Mounting Foot
M72 E45 Base Element
M72 G Fastening Hook
M72 ECL 11, 25 Side Element


  • Color: Green or Black
  • Material: Self-extinguishing PVC UL 94V-0 (profile support) Self-extinguishing Polyamide 6.6 UL 94V-0 (lateral elements)
  • Length Range: 30mm - 350mm

Ordering Information

 See PDF Data Sheets Click here for data Sheet