Model Types

Incabox  Standard Enclosure 
Incabox XT Enclosure w/ added features
Incabox XTS Enclosure w/ added features and custom accessories
36.72  36x72mm enclosure 
72.72 72x72mm enclosure 
72.144 72x144mm enclosure 
48.48 B 48x48mm enclosure 
48.48 M 48x48mm enclosure 
48.96 B 48x96mm enclosure 
48.96 M 48x96mm enclosure 
96.96 B 96x96mm enclosure 
96.96 M 96x96mm enclosure 
144.144 144x144mm enclosure 
144.144 MS2 144x144mm enclosure 
48.48 E 48x48mm enclosure 
48.96 E 48x48mm enclosure 
B: Indicates the product with the minimum (base) number of internal guides
M: Indicates the product with the maximum number of internal guides
E:  Indicates the product with the PCB removable the front side 
S2: Indicates the possiblity to assemble the PCBs on both sides of the enclosure

Ordering Information

 See PDF Data Sheets Click Here for Data Sheets