Modulbox Accessories

The Railbox is a modular designed, European styled enclosures that offers a small panel footprint to minimize the panel space occupied with a broad range of options to meet your electronic instrument or control needs. A spring DIN rail clip, modular front panel, clear flip cover and breakable side covers make it easy to design your PLC, ethernet, bus or relay interface to fit with many LED, 5.08 mm terminal block or connector options. Your entire family of products can be designed with the different size options with a unique look in the market. Colors include Black, Gray or Green.

Model Types

1M Modular Enclosure
2M Modular Enclosure
3M Modular Enclosure
4M Modular Enclosure
5M Modular Enclosure
6M Modular Enclosure
7HM Modular Enclosure
9M Modular Enclosure
(*)MH53 Open Top Enclosure Housing, Height: 53mm 
(*)MC53 Closed Top Enclosure Housing, Height: 53mm 
(*)MH68 Tall, Open Top Enclosure Housing, Height: 68mm 
CEM17 Electronic Housing for up to 16 poles, Height: 53mm 


  • Color: Grey 
  • Blend PC/ABS extinguishing

Accessories & Options

  • Front panels
  • Breakable side covers (vents)
  • Solid side covers

Ordering Information

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